Black Silicon Carbide

Black silicon carbide is produced at high temperature in electric resistance furnace from high purity silica sand and petroleum coke. It is extremely hard and also possesses high thermal conductivity and sharpness. The combination of being hard and sharp makes it a perfect media for various surface blasting applications. The abrasives made of this is suitable for working on cast iron, non-ferrous metal, rock, glass, leather, rubber, etc. 


Black Silicon Carbide is suitable for make grinding wheels, cutting wheels, mounted pints, oil stones and also used as blasting, lapping and polishing media.

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Black SiC 

Sizes: F12, F14, F16, F20, F24, F30, F36, F40, F46, F54, F60, F70, F80, F90, F100, F120, F150, F180 and F220 as per FEPA Standards.


Available In 25kg plastic woven bags;
and In 1000kg big bags,
40 x 25kg plastic woven bags into one big bags,
40 x 25kg plastic woven bags on pallets,
40 x 25kg paper bags on pallets,
According to client’s requirement.

Black SiC F12-F220:

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