Glass Beads

Glass Beads are a spherical abrasive media manufactured from chemically inert soda lime glass. We supply Glass beads in all standard sizes.

Glass Beads are used for blasting, cleaning, finishing, light peening, deburring, descaling,  and surface blending.
Glass Beads produce a bright satin surface finish. Finer beads produce a smoother non glare finish, while larger beads produce a deeper textured finish. Blasting with Glass Bead does not produce any dimensional changes to the base material surface.



Blasting, cleaning and surface finishing of metallic parts, especially more effective on stainless steel, food processing equipment, medical instruments.
Shot peening of aircraft engine blades, turbine rotors, gears, shafts, steam and gas turbine components.

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Chemical Composition

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Physical Properties

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in 1 mt big bags or according to client’s requirement.