Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is produced by fusion of Calcined Alumina with addition of Chromium Oxide. The colour of the final product as well as the toughness of the grain depends on the amount of chromium added during fusion. With increased addition of Chromium, the toughness of the grain increases and friability reduces compared with White Fused Alumina. 


Pink Fused Alumina are especially suitable for making Vitrified wheels and abrasives for hardened steels and alloys. It is also used in tool grinding, precision grinding, profile grinding, flute grinding, tooth grinding and mounted wheels.

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In 25kg plastic woven bags;
In 1000kg big bags,
40 x 25kg plastic woven bags into one big bags,
40 x 25kg plastic woven bags on pallets,
40 x 25kg paper bags on pallets,
According to client’s requirement.

Chemical composition

[table id=30 /]

Physical property:

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Macrogrit Sizes:
FEPA F Sizes: F14 to F240 (in accordance with FEPA 42-1: 2006 and ANSI B74.12 standards)
FEPA P Sizes: P12 to P220 (in accordance with FEPA 43-1: 2006 standard)

Microgrit Sizes:
FEPA F Sizes: F230 to F400 (in accordance with FEPA 42-2: 2006 standard)
FEPA P Sizes: P240 to P1200 (in accordance with FEPA 43-2: 2006 standard